The Riches of Moroccan Cuisine

Morocco's is one of the great cuisines of the world: cultural influences range from Berber, African, Mediterranean, Sephardic, and Middle East; its markets boast the freshest ingredients and variety in season. There is a long-standing tradition of fine cooking and equal zest for eating, probably something to do with its legendary hospitality.

Starting with the basics, at spice souks and food markets, we learn from masters of the elegant cuisines of Fes, Marrakech, and Essaouria, household cooks of maison d'hotes, and Berber women (with the help of interpreters) in smoke-filled, backcountry kitchens. Best of all, we celebrate by eating the way they did centuries ago... family style around the table, scooping up this festive food with newly-baked bread, sharing food and our adventures, refreshed by glasses of great mint tea.

Along the way, transported by our fun-loving Land Rovers, we explore the rich diversity of Morocco - its spectacular landscapes, wonderful people, and cross-cultural heritage ... going to ancient, still vibrant souks; the wind-swept coast; majestic High Atlas mountains; fertile river valleys, and the awesome Sahara. We stay at splendid traditional maison d'hotes (elegant townhouses or small palaces with garden courtyards) and kasbahs, stylish and private.

Susan Dresner, trip leader and founder of Living Morocco, developed the famous Four Seasons School of Cooking and is a chef/instructor in her own right. During her previous visits to Morocco, she has made culinary pilgrimages to the various regions of the country, savoring dishes at the finest restaurants as well as the robust fare of country folk. Safe-to-travel trip, journey of a lifetime!

Trip Details:

Length: 12 days
Maximum guests: 12 people

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