Secrets From A Pro: Shopping Morocco's Best Souks

Susan Dresner, designated by Money Magazine, as our nation's Black-Belt Shopper, is the trip leader. She has sniffed out where the values are and the finest sources, and leads the group on the best shopping safari Morocco has to offer. We explore the souks of Marrakech, Fes, Essaouira as well as village markets (and get to experience quite a bit of this fabulous country in the bargain) for the prizes: textiles and rugs, leatherware and babouches, metalwork, kaftans, embroidery, antiques, tea sets, spices and aromatic oils, and much more. We stay at beautiful, traditional villas secreted in the medina, and dine on exquisite food. Hit the bull's eye for each item on your list, and learn the art of bazaar haggling, as well.

To purchase exquisite Moroccan rugs directly from the source, traditional women weavers in the countryside, at nearly wholesale prices, go to and click on Women Weavers Online.  Culture buffs can also learn about the women's lives on that link, and about the wide variety of rugs made in Morocco by clicking the Gallery link.

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