Is Morocco safe to travel?

The combination of being a modern monarchy with a society that reflects progressive Islamic values and traditional ways makes Morocco quite safe.  The Moroccan people are unusually generous, warm, and sympathetic to Americans, especially in their admiration for our freedom, individual potential for growth, and unrestrained energy.  In the last decade, security officers are implementing government policy to crackdown on any panhandlers and hustlers who might pester tourists in urban areas.  Nowadays the traveler can get around the city without much hassling. 

In the aftermath of 9/11, the caring and empathy received throughout Morocco during our last R & D trip in November, from both friends as well as strangers, was incredibly moving.  A State Department Officer based in Casablanca wrote to us at the time, "Morocco is a country whose entire history is one of tolerance, and where today Arabs, Berbers, Jews, and Gentiles coexist peacefully.  Moroccans are hospitable to visitors, and their culture, cuisine, and music add to the wonderful ambiance of the country.  We see tourists still arriving, life goes on here.  For us as Americans, our lives have all been changed in some ways since September 11, but sitting where I do, I hope that countries who have always supported the U.S. like Morocco, are not typecast by the American public.  Endeavors like yours can help ensure this does not happen."

What does the trip include and not include?

It includes:

.  all rooms with private bath, at the best small hotels in the area, based on double occupancy

.  camp accommodations inclusive of personal tent and sleeping mat as well as cook, dining, toilet, and shower tents

.  sleeping bag

.  all meals

.  bottled water in the field, and bottled water, coffee or tea with meals

.  excellent trip management and leaders: Trip Leader, Trip Coordinator, guide, cook, Land Rover drivers, and pack animal handlers

.  additional guides and specialists as necessary

.  portage

.  ground transportation (which could include Land Rover, mules, camels)

.  airport transfer.

.  tips for restaurant service

.  most entrance fees

.  host payments for homestays, meals, etc.

.  pre-and post stretches after treks

.  collateral preparation materials such as reading list, articles on culture, packing  and gift-giving lists

It excludes:

.  international airfare and internal flights involved in the trip itinerary

.  excess baggage charges

.  insurance of any kind

.  immunizations

.  medical costs, hospitalization, or evacuation from remote areas

.  soft drinks and alcoholic beverages of any kind

.  personal services such as laundry

.  additional expenses due to the delay or extension of a trip because of weather, sickness, failure of transportation, or other causes beyond our reasonable control

.  optional tipping to Living Morocco staff, lodging staff, and miscellaneous personnel

.  gifts you may bring for "shared exchanges"

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